Clinical trials by Provectus Pharmaceuticals offers hope to cancer patients, by testing new non-chemo cancer treatments.

Patients have been treated with PV 10, a drug that is injected directly into the cancer, therefore reducing side effects.

Provectus Biopharmaceuticals is developing advanced therapies designed to target and destroy the deadliest cancers - melanoma, liver and breast - while minimizing side effects.

PV 10 is an investigational drug for cancer


A Phase 3 randomized controlled clinical trial is in progress to assess treatment of locally advanced cutaneous melanoma.

An expanded Phase I clinical trial is currently underway.

Visit the Provectus Pharmaceuticals Website to learn more: http://www.pvct.com/index.html





New product shows encouraging results when tested by the National Institute of Aging

Tested on mice, this product was the only natural product, proven to extend life, as well as improve the quality of life.




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Aloe 2 Go

optimum d-tox 440

In today's society, our food chain is highly exposed to excessive chemicals, preservatives and pesticides. Our bodies become vulnerable to cellular contamination and toxicity due to unhealthy diets, lifestyles and mind sets.

Optimum D-Tox is a whole body systemic (non invasive) cleanser naturally and gently assisting the body to perform as nature intended. It is considered by herbalists to be an 'adaptogen' - that which helps balance the body and increases the body's resistance to stress trauma, anxiety and fatigue.

It contains extract of the yucca schidigera - used for centuries by Native Americans for food and medicine.

Help break up congestion in the intestinal tract and dissolve body wastes and toxins.


  • Help emulsify tissue wastes into circulation for the liver to dispose.
  • Help de-fat the liver and rejeuvenate the colon.
  • Are hostile to the parasites and disease causing bacteria and viruses that flourish in the gut.

Saponin molecules are Non-Systemic - meaning they do all their work with the intestical tract and do not penetrate the rest of the body, having no harmful side effects.

Saponins are Bile Acid Sequestrants. They have the ability to bind with cholesterol and pathogens entering the body forming molecules too large to be absorbed through the intestinal wall, and are then excreted through the intestinal tract.

Saponins act favorably on the flora organisms in the intestines, enhancing the growth of friendly bacteria and flush mucus and toxins from the colon, improving nutrient intake.

Saponins relieve stress from the body's vital immune system. Almost half of the immune system is in the gut. This healthy balance triggers the immune system to help combat the causes of inflammation, infection and disease.

A unique and exclusive propritary extraction process produces a superior formula that has no equal of its kind in the marketplace.


Contains 1/2 oz (14ml)

100% purified concentrated schidigera yucca extract.

Contains, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B Complex, Caldium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Manganese Copper and Resveratrolschidigera yucca

Suggested Use:

Adults: Add 5-8 drops to purified water or juice, twice daily.

Children & Pets: Add 1 drop for every 10lbs of body weight to purified water, once daily.

(e.g. 20 lbs = 2 drops 1 x daily)

Take Optimum D-tox 1 hour befor or 2 hours after taking medications.

Try a drop on your toothbrosh/toothpaste for healthy gums and improved dental check-ups

Try it topically on cuts, minor burns, scars, acne or skin rashes.

Try a few drops in your shampoo for healthier hair and/or massage a few drops directly on your scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Try putting a few drops into your watering can for your plants.

Allergy Season can mean misery to so many people.  Sometimes even after excessive cleaning and vigilance, allergens continue to make life unbearable.  There are several traditional herbal remedies that have been used for decades to treat the symptoms and causes of allergies.  Allergies are due to an immune disorder, so it is also important to treat the cause, as well as the symptoms.

Stinging Nettle

Quercetin with Bromelain


Beta Glucan

At Coolherbal.com we have a selection of supplements that may help bring allergy relief.

Understanding Allergies


Immune System in Allergy

Stinging Nettles

Nettle extract (Urtica dioica) affects key receptors and enzymes associated with allergic rhinitis.

Natural treatment of perennial allergic rhinitis.

Urtica dioica for treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia


Acute bronchodilator effect of quercetin in experimental allergic asthma

Quercetin effectively quells peanut-induced anaphylactic reactions in the peanut sensitized rats

Beta Glucans

The biological activity of beta-glucans

Immunomodulation by food