Clean up the blood regularly – if you have cancer or fungal infections, clean up the blood constantly – blood cleansing herbs such as Burdock Root, Red Clover, Pau D’arco, Turmeric, and Dandelion, can cleanse the blood of fungus and microbes that acidify the body.

Fortify your liver - a healthy liver is paramount to maintaining your overall health, immunity and resistance to disease. Cancer cells also love the rich cells of the liver to set up home. Rejuvenate the liver with Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Artemisia and assist the liver in detoxifying the body by taking Alpha Lipoic acid.

Boost the immune system, first of all it is difficult for the immune system to detect cancer and fungal cells, Beta-Glucans (β(1,3)D-glucan) mark these cells for destruction and boost the immune system to fight them. Also good immune boosters are Echinacea, Cat’s Claw and Astragalus.

Take a healthy oil supplement, proper cell function requires the body to be provided with healthy omega 3’s, 6’s and 9s, so it is important to include these in the diet, either by supplementation or foods high in these oils, like salmon and other oily fish. A high quality oil supplement like Arctic Sea Omega 3 or raw sesame oil.

There are also herbs and supplements known to be powerful against cancer, organic germanium, artemisinin, Poly MVA, graviola, but nothing can be really effective if the diet is not modified.

Read more about anti-cancer diets, to simplify – no refined carbohydrates – foods containing white flour, wheat (whole grain or refined), white rice, cookies, crackers, pancakes, waffles, bagels, bread, muffins, cakes, pastries, etc.  This is cancer food and will acidify your body, encourrage fungal infections, raise blood sugar levels and feed the cancer cells.

Eat plenty of raw vegetables, (lightly steamed if raw is too difficult for you to manage), lentils, beans, red or colored potatoes, yams and sweet potatoes, squash, low sugar fruits (berries) cottage cheese, lean, organic meats and fish, cabbage, collard greens, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, carrots – the new juicers and blenders are good tools to help you get more nutrition into your diet from some of these food groups.

If you are suffering from cancer, you do not and should not have to just rely on these notes to plan your treatment for the disease. I believe it is important to consult a naturopathic doctor or an integretive medical center to get help with the diet, nutrition and supplementation and lifestyle plan, tailored just for you. Naturopaths can also help with treatments that can assist with the efficacy and side effects of allopathic cancer treatments.