At Coolherbal.com we just took a Moment AGAINST Silence for the American Cancer Society – because if we want to finish the fight against cancer, silence is not an option.

We need more people fighting to fund lifesaving research, more supporters taking action to help people with cancer today, and more voices making noise to ensure access to quality health care for everyone.

Cancer touches so many lives – will you join us, make some noise, and help finish the fight?


Active for Life Online is a 10-week program that uses individual and group strategies to help people become more physically active. Research shows that people who increase their physical activity, improve their diet, and maintain a healthy weight reduce their risk of chronic diseases, including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. The program encourages participants to take an honest look at their current activity level and set realistic goals for improvement. Physical activities can range from walking at lunchtime, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, or yard work to more strenuous exercise like running, swimming, or playing tennis.


The decay that is supposed to consume our bodies after death, takes on another form during life.  Why are we vulnerable to cancer?  Because we are not living well enough - 

  • poor diet, a healthy diet fights cancer and other diseases, food is our primary medicine in preventing and fighting disease. - 

  • Lack of exercise, cancer is a disease of stagnation, poor circulation, means less nutrients and oxygen to our healthy cells, as our cells become weak in this low oxygen, low nutrient, poor circulation organism, cancer cells thrive in this environment

  • Weak or compromised immune system - commonly prescribed antibiotics, corticosteroids, fungal contaminants in our environment and food, confuse and disable the immune system. This is our primary internal defense against disease also, how many of us are taking immune suppressants to fight auto-immune diseases, asthma, chron's disease, etc. How many of us eat what we need to build a healthy immune system.

  • There are simple actions you can take and should take each day to prevent cancer. Eat the foods your body needs to defend itself, healthy foods build healthy human cells, unhealthy foods feed the monster inside of us that is cancer.  Cancer is a sugar feeder, think about your carbohydrate intake, refined carbohydrates are not just high in sugars, but often contaminated with fungus, yeast and mold, the brothers and sisters of cancer.  Once inside your body, they increase acidity and create an environment perfect for growing cancer cells.

  • Exercise for life and health.  Keep your blood circulating and massage areas that have poor circulation to keep the lymph moving, a massage is more than just a relaxing way to release stress and ease aches and pains, it helps keep your immune system healthy by circulating and stimulating the lymphatic system which is our immune system.

  • Drinking water helps our bodies to flush out toxins and waste, drink clean water each day.

Does your body know it's alive?

Death = no circulation, no food, no oxygen

keep it green - green, leafy vegetables, spirulina, barley grass, alfalfa, supplements make an environment that is difficult for cancer cells to grow in.

does your immune system recognize bad cells - beta glucans, maitake make the bad cells visible to the immune system and boost your killer t-cells.

Reduce your intake of refined carbohydrates - see articles on contimination of wheat supply and how eating wheat causes high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Do you really need antibiotics - derived from fungus, antibiotics can confuse and disable the immune system. They promote fungal infections, - percentage of people get thrush after a treatment of antibiotics, and can cause auto-immune disease.  Only take antibiotics when your physician considers it essential.  your own immune system will help you recover frm Mild infections, echinacea, agrimony and other immune boosting herbs can help.

If you have a yeast infection, reduce your sugar intake, only eat berries, pineaplle, avocado and low sugar fruits - read more on "know the cause"