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Women helping women through labor and delivery long ago discovered that natural oils would make things much easier for both mothers and babies. They found that the very best oil before labor was sesame oil, probably because of the way this oil absorbs deeply into the tissue and readies the muscles and ligaments of the mother to stretch without tearing.

Safe for mother and babies, both before and after birth, Youthing Strategies new formula BIRTHING OIL contains sesame oil for deep tissue preparation, olive and almond oil for extended lubricating qualities.

Use on abdomen and perineum for four weeks before labor and to cleanse and lubricate the birth process during labor. Naturally antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Midwives and mothers tell us that our BIRTHING OIL used before labor, essentially eliminates stretch marks (which are indicative of muscle and tissue tearing). Used after the stretch marks are there, BIRTHING OIL reduces but may not take them completely away.

Using BIRTHING OIL during at least the four weeks before labor usually makes an episiotomy unnecessary.

Ingredients: Certified organic sesame, olive and almond oils.