Acai Berry

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It’s no wonder that for ages the indigenous cultures of the Amazon have revered açai as a source of health and vitality. Recently, modern science has validated the remarkable health benefits of this fruit, and studies have shown açai to contain the following beneficial nutrients:

• Amino acids
• Vitamins
• Trace minerals
• Antioxidants
• Phytonutrients

Acai Berries have an amazing combination of health-promoting nutrients.

Often used as a weight loss supplement, Acai berries have a number of other benefits:

Anti-Aging - Acai berries are considered a potent anti-aging berry

Aiding Cell Recovery - Becaise of ts rich antioxcident content, Acai Berry provides essential nourishment to aid cell recovery.

Weight Loss - The weight loss properties of acai berry help to increase the metabolic rate. The very large amount of antioxidants act as a therapeutic, for faster fat breakdown, increased energy levels and less fatigue.


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