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Did you ever wonder why, in the Bible, people were always getting their feet rubbed with oil? It was probably sesame seed oil. The reasons were multiple: sesame seed oil is naturally antibacterial for most common skin pathogens; it is also antiviral and antifungal. You can imagine that dried animal and even human waste littered the paths and streets 2000 years ago.

Using sesame seed oil rather than water not only cleansed the feet but helped heal the nicks, cuts and abrasions which must have been common on the feet of anyone wearing sandals and walking long distances at that time.

Sesame seed oil is also naturally VATA balancing. In Ayurvedic terms, that means that the build-up of excess energy in the feet, from the simple process of walking, was neutralized (in Ayurveda terms, pacified) by the action of the oil penetrating the skin and circulating into the capillaries of the veins in the foot.

We've added to Ayurveda cured organic sesame seed oil, essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. The result is an oil which soothes, calms, heals and gently stimulates the feet. As always, plant derived Vitamin E has been added.



Callus and tough skin on your feet and around your nails is your body's reaction to an invader, usually fungus of one kind or another. The skin on your feet should be, can be soft and supple. Youthing Strategies' Jericho Foot Balm has components which fight these invaders.  Massaging Jericho Foot Balm into the skin of your feet twice daily will generally take care of thickened skin and light callus formation.


Heavy callus, toughened skin and nail fungus require daily soaking in a bath of Jericho Foot Balm for 20-25 minutes, once a day for three weeks is usually necessary.


Before soaking, remove callus with pumice.  After soaking, remove excess oil from the feet with a clean wash cloth or towel.


Because Jericho Foot Balm is antifungal, the same oil can be used for the whole 3 weeks.


Fungus is hard to kill.  Even when skin is free of fungus, spores can live on in socks and shoes.  These must be eliminated if the skin of your feet is to remain soft, smooth and supple.


We suggest: wear clean socks every day, wash socks with hot water, use Lysol or other disinfectant spray in each shoes when you take them off at night, to kill spores.


Jericho Foot Balm contains a natural antifungal which penetrates into and below the skin to kill fungus at its roots.


Jericho Foot Balm naturally calms and soothes muscles and ligaments tired from hard work or play.  Ayurveda pure Jericho Foot Balm is a boon to aching muscles anywhere in the body.


Healthy feet can be yours with regular use of Jericho Foot Balm.



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