Organic, cold pressed sesame oil has so many uses, we have Ayurveda Sesame Oils for internal and external use.





Can be used as a moisturizing skin treatment, or taken internally for the EFA's (essential fatty acids), Omega 6 and Omega 9.


Ayurveda Sesame Oil is prepared especially  for chemically sensitive skin and for those who may be allergic to the essential oils, blended into other products. An excellent skin oil and, along with Raw Sesame Oil Raw Sesame Oil may be taken internally. Ayurveda Sesame Oil contains the essential fatty acid Omega 6 and Omega 9, elements we need on a daily basis and which our bodies do not produce. However, the natural enzymes have been removed so it will not metabolize as well as our Raw Sesame Oil. Removing the enzymes is a part of the processing which we do to make oil ready for use on the skin.


AYURVEDA SESAME OIL is pure, pharmaceutical grade, certified organic sesame oil which has been gently handled, using our special processes and ayurveda protocols. It is the base oil used in all our other products.

Raw Sesame Oil

Is organic, cold-pressed oil with all the enzymes and natural components mother nature intended for oil we take into our bodies, It is the best oil for internal consumption and can be used as a salad oil, a cooking oil, even use it in cakes to give your family a tasty, but healthy dose of essential fatty acids. Tken internally (two tablespoons a day) it provides the recommended daily helping of natural Vitamin E (10mg per 10g of oil) as well as oleic acid which has been found in Australian medical studies to significantly reduce serum cholesterol.

Lovely Skin Face & Body Oil

This is an every day premium skin oil. Use it for all purposes. Deepak Chopra and the Ayurveda physicians at the Chronic Illness headquarters for the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (TM) all recommend a daily, all-over, self massage. This oil is ideal for that purpose. For a soft, natural, healthy look, use FACE&BODY Lovely skin formula on face, neck and hands twice a day. Many women tell us they have stopped using all cosmetic creams and lotions and use only this oil because it leaves the skin glowing. Nothing else is needed to look one's best. This formula penetrates into the skin quickly and through the capillaries enters the blood stream. It is naturally a potent antioxidant. Sesame oil components neutralize the free radicals (oxygen radicals) in our bodies which are known to cause damage to skin, tissue and organs. Free radical damage not only makes us look older, they are thought to be the primary cause of aging. Because of it's antifungal qualities, it is a good oil to keep by the sink to use on the hands and around the fingernails after each time the hands are stressed by hot water and soap. Anyone working with conditions which dry the skin, will find this oil keeps hand skin lubricated and soft. Users have said it is excellent to cure dry skin problems; eczema sufferers say it works well to relieve the itching, burning of that condition. Contains organic sesame seed oil plus essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Neroli and Lemon Balm (Melissa), plus natural d alpha tocopherols.


"Significantly better than salt water spray for dry nasal passages"…that's what a Swedish medical study showed. But there's more! The antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory qualities of this pharmaceutical grade sesame oil also protect sensitive nasal membranes against airborne bacteria, viruses and allergens. Use it before flying, in closed buildings and offices, at school. Place 2-4 drops in each nostril, alternately close each side of the nose and sniff the oil back into the sinuses. Ayurveda physicians use this oil to cure sinusitis.


A user of Nose Oil writes to us:
"1. My hubby has had chronic sinusitis for a zillion years and it really helps to relieve his congestion.
2.  It also seems to be of great benefit in eliminating, well okay, reducing his snoring.  The women will love administering this to their bed mates.
3.  I have found it to be effective when I suffer headaches.
4.  It is effective on a sore throat too."


This is a marvelously versatile and healing oil. For pure delight to the senses, the subtle, erotic fragrance of this oil is unsurpassed. For a lovely, soothing, erotic massage experience, this oil is unique.
In addition to being a superior lubricating oil for intimate occasions, we have been told by estheticians that this oil lightens brown spots and heals and removes blemishes on the face. The calming effects of the oil may be experienced by rubbing the soles of the feet with KAMA SUTRA oil before sleep. The exotic, complex fragrance of the essential oils we have combined in this oil offers an experience that is at once calming, soothing and deeply stimulating to the senses in a way that cannot be experienced with any other combination of herbs or floral essences. Best of all, each of the essential oils is added for the healing properties they bestow, the fragrances are a bonus. Contains sesame oil plus essential oils of Frankincense, Geranium, Lavender, Neroli, Lemon Balm, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang.






Did you ever wonder why, in the Bible, people were always getting their feet rubbed with oil? It was probably sesame seed oil. The reasons were multiple: sesame seed oil is naturally antibacterial for most common skin pathogens; it is also antiviral and antifungal. You can imagine that dried animal and even human waste littered the paths and streets 2000 years ago. Using sesame seed oil rather than water not only cleansed the feet but helped heal the nicks, cuts and abrasions which must have been common on the feet of anyone wearing sandals and walking long distances at that time. Sesame seed oil is also naturally VATA balancing. In Ayurvedic terms, that means that the build-up of excess energy in the feet, from the simple process of walking, was neutralized (in Ayurveda terms, pacified) by the action of the oil penetrating the skin and circulating into the capillaries of the veins in the foot. We've added to Ayurveda cured organic sesame seed oil, essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Peppermint. The result is an oil which soothes, calms, heals and gently stimulates the feet. As always, plant derived Vitamin E has been added.


When a midwife asked if we could produce a BIRTHING OIL which was organic and Ayurvedic, so she didn't have to send her clients to the grocery store to buy commercial oil off the shelf, we set about finding what oils were best for birthing. In all parts of the world, women helping women through labor and delivery have found that oils make the process easier for both mother and baby. Until the world started using insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, all natural oils were organic. Midwives used whatever oil was locally handy. Any of those natural, organic oils were better than no oil. The best oil, however, is an oil which absorbs quickly, which when used during the four weeks before labor, softens and lubricates the perineal area and which during labor is naturally cleansing, antibacterial and antiviral. And, which, after the birth, helps the abdomen recover its former shape, softening and disappearing the stretch marks which normally appear during pregnancy. That oil is sesame seed oil. The Ayurveda processes we use enhance the naturally superior qualities of this oil. It is absolutely safe for both mother and baby, before, during and after labor. Contains organic sesame seed oil plus plant derived d alpha tocopherols. Buy one bottle for the four weeks before labor, one for during labor and one for after the birth.


Most baby oil is cheap, because it is mineral oil: you could put it in your car's engine. YOUTHING STRATEGIES™ BABY OIL costs more than mineral oil but in the long run, it is not expensive, because a little goes a very long way. It is the preferred way to manage rashes. The diaper area needs help because of acids in the urine and stool. Sesame seed oil forms a protective coating on the skin, healing rashes and blocking the harsh body fluids from creating harm to the skin. Use on the whole body and gently wipe away any excess. You don't need soap to keep your baby clean. Use on a cotton tip to clean the nose and ears. YOUTHING STRATEGIES™ BABY OIL will usually block common skin pathogens from starting infections. Contains organic sesame seed oil, organic almond oil and plant derived d alpha tocopherols.