Covid 19 - Boosing Your Health & Resilience

Boosting immune health and resiliency 

While there is now known treatment or vaccine for COVID-19, maintaining the following healthy lifestyle habits, can help you get through this difficult time.

  1. Stress reduction: Chronic stress can negatively alter immune system responses, making you more likely to get sick. Identify your personal stress reduction strategies and practice them regularly.  See the stress relieving meditation video above.
  2. Sleep: Sleep has a big influence on immune function, so it is essential to get plenty of sleep. Practice good sleep hygiene and maintain consistent sleep hours—turn off screens, ensure the room is cool, quiet, and dark, and set a reminder to help yourself go to bed on time.  Chamomile tea can help you relax at bedtime, and melatonin is a natural sleep aid.
  3. Exercise: Moderate, regular physical activity helps to boost immune system function by raising levels of infection-fighting white blood cells and antibodies, increasing circulation, and decreasing stress hormones. Establish and follow an exercise program to not only help prevent respiratory infections but also to improve cognitive and physical resilience.
  4. Nutritious diet: Research indicates that brightly colored vegetables and fruits boost immunity better than most supplements. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables—aim for 10 servings per day. Include fermented vegetables or other probiotic-containing foods.
  5. Self-care: When battling upper respiratory infections, top priorities are plentiful hydration and rest. Drink plenty of fluids. Homemade vegetable or bone broths are also extremely beneficial. Various herbal teas and hot drinks can help with hydration and reducing symptoms. Good choices include peppermint, ginger, eucalyptus, chamomile, and hot water with lemon, honey, and cinnamon.




31 March 2020


Covid-19, Immune Health