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Natural and herbal supplements to improve sexual performance

There are a wide range of natural aphrodisiacs available to help awaken and improve sexual desire and functioning in both men and women.

For centuries, people around the world have used natural remedies to stimulate sexual arousal and increase performance. Today there is more evidence than before that certain herbs and homeopathic remedies are helpful in overcoming various forms of Sexual Performance Problems.

Eleutherococcus senticosis (Siberian Ginseng) is an overall system tonic for men and can help to improve low energy levels, performance and stamina. Smilax ornata (Sarsaparilla) is used as a tonic to assist female sexual functioning and also as a rejuvenating tonic.

Recent studies have suggested that Sabal Serrulata is a useful tonic and strengthening remedy which has a stimulatory effect on sexual functioning, as well as on female health. These are only a few of the well-known traditional remedies for improving sexual performance.


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Forever Multi-Maca™

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KAMA SUTRA (l'huile intime)

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