Why We Use Organic, Cold Pressed Oil

ALL creams lotions and oils put on the skin are absorbed into the tissue and then move through the capillaries into the blood stream.

When poisons (insecticides, herbicides, fungicides) are use by agribusiness to grow seed, nut and vegetable oil crops, molecules of those poisons show up in the extracted oil. To fully extract the oils, heat and a powerful solvent, hexane are used. Molecules of hexane can be found in commercial oils.

Heating to 450 degrees F in the extraction process changes the nature of the oil molecule from a normal trans fatty acid to an abnormal configuration. Not only is it abnormal, it is poisonous.

This is true of all of such currently popular commercial oils for the skin, such as grape seed, almond, peanut and olive oils.

Commercial oils used as the base oils of skin care lotions and creams bring whatever poisonous molecules are in the oils to the user. These are trace amounts but they are poison to the body. The liver will extract some to be excreted as waste but some will be stored in the body tissues. These stored poisons do not go away.

Organic cold pressed sesame seed oil has been extracted simply by squeezing the seeds in a big press. The process is not as efficient as using heat and hexane, but the oil remaining from organic cold pressed seeds, nuts or vegetables has no trace farm chemicals, no hexane molecules, no poisonous trans fatty acids.

Organic, cold pressed seed and nut oils are substantially more expensive than commercial oils. Though they start off infinitely better than commercial oils, more processing must be done to complete the ayurveda protocols and make the oils fully beneficial and appropriate for human and animal use. Those are the protocols we follow at YOUTHING STRATEGIES.

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