Nanotechnology & Dietary Supplements brings you the latest technology in nutritional supplements - Nanotechnology

New advances in chemistry have made it possible to solubilize otherwise naturally insoluble compounds like vitamins and minerals into water, so that it can readily be absorbed into the mitochondria.  One nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter in diameter.

Nanoparticles can deliver twice the amount of the compound into the bloodstream, and the concentration in water can be adjusted. This approach can be applied to a broad range of nutraceuticals, including omega-3s, carotenoids like lutein, beta-carotene, and resveratrol.

MAC Plus is a crystal-clear, water-thin liquid food supplement that may be taken like a refreshing drink or applied topically.

It is a product of Nanotechnology that is a far more energized and concentrated oxygen-rich supplement processed to a BILLIONTH scaled-down nanometric measure reduction, converting it to water-thin liquidity of nanoscale mineral materials that literally boosts strength, lengthens endurance, increasing disease-resistance, and almost eliminating fatigue even in the advent of physical stress.

A modern-day ‘fountain of youth’, MAC Plus is equipped with micro-nutrients essential to life, cell regeneration and repair. Therefore, it is also the best answer to retard the aging process.

The body is ‘positively charged’ when it is tired, sick or weak. MAC Plus is highly oxygenated and is quickly transported by the bloodstream to the different organ systems of the body. MAC Plus is quickly absorbed by the cellular units increasing its efficiency. Its negative ions counter-balance the positive ions in the weak or sick body, therefore maximizes its potency to achieve an almost perfect body homeostasis or harmonious internal environment.

It also increases pH of acidic cells but not of normal cells.


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