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In our society, despite being a lot freer than other generations, there are still so many taboos in the bedroom which should really be disregarded: one of them being premature ejaculation.  

It is easier for some men to bury their head in the ground rather than seek help. Generally men have difficulty in discussing this topic with their partner, their best mates, their GP and to a lesser extent a specialist.

These issues can be derived from a number of factors and do not mean that they are incurable. Perhaps there are factors in the person’s past, their upbringing or through another relationship that this difficulty has developed.

Being in a partnership is all about going through the ups and downs including supporting your partner through some difficult times. Everyone has hang-ups of some kind or other, however to talk about them does not come easily to some, less so for men. When it comes to sexual prowess, it is certainly more straightforward than when there is PE



The problem starts quite often in younger men and oftentimes, they grow out of it with age and experience. There are certain factors that may also affect your performance which are related to more intimate issues such as: stress (at work, home or both), guilt (perhaps you are not in the right relationship and have a hard time coming to terms with telling your partner etc.) and inadequacy (not feeling that you are up to the mark from having not a positive outlook about yourself, your aptitudes or general well-being. You may also feel overweight and not in the best condition to satisfy your partner). None of these are incurable and only need some time as well as understanding from both yourself and your partner with an opportunity to visit a specialist.

Through the many research studies, it has been found that the factor associated to the gene is less virile in areas of the brain that dominate the ejaculation action.

On a more medical note, there are other conditions that can cause erectile dysfunction for example: thyroid problems, abnormal hormone balance, inflammation or infection of the prostate or urethra, deficiency with serotonin concentration and may also be inherited.

The available cures, are quite often drug related (SSRI/Dapoxetine), like anti-depressants, which needless to say, have side effects that can also be long-term. There are treatments, such as local anaesthetic products, that can also involve the partner but those are apt to cause further discomfort  to both parties with negative results as well as putting more pressure on the relationship.

Lately in Finland, there has been a breakthrough for men using a product all Prolong, which over a short period of six months has delivered outstanding results within a few weeks. What is also encouraging is that, should you choose to, your partner can also participate in this exercise, which will enable you both to work together at a positive outcome.

What is crucial to remember, is that you are not alone as a third of men are in this situation and the sooner, this is exposed through treatment, the happier couples will be at home and by extension, elsewhere.


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