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AYURVEDA SESAME OIL is particularly for those who are chemically sensitive and for those who may be allergic to the essential oils we blend into our other products.

It is excellent as a skin oil and may be taken internally. AYURVEDA SESAME OIL contains the essential fatty acid Omega 6 and FA Omega 9, elements we need on a daily basis and which our bodies do not produce. However, the natural enzymes have been removed so it will not metabolize as well as our RAW SESAME OIL.

Removing the enzymes is a part of the processing which we do to make oil ready for use on the skin. There are no TRANS FATS in this or any other Youthing Strategies products.

AYURVEDA SESAME OIL is pure, pharmaceutical grade, certified organic sesame oil which has been gently handled, using our special processes and ayurveda protocols. It is the base oil used in all our other products.