Ten Tips for Starting a Walking Program

1.     Safety First 

Choose a route with a good surface, free from debris, gravel or other obstacles that could cause you to slip or trip.  If walking in the dark, wear clothing with light/bright colors or reflective material.  Keep to footpaths or walk, facing traffic and be aware of your surroundings. Walk with a partner whenever possible.

2.    Footwear 

Invest in a pair of walking shoes that will provide comfort and support and replace them when they become worn out.

3.    Clothing 

Avoid cotton and look instead for clothing with wicking fabrics that lift sweat away from your body. This will keep you cool in the summer and in winter it will prevent trapped moisture from cooling your core body temperature.

4.    Weather 

Sometimes the weather is too harsh to walk safely outdoors - snow, ice and frost can be hazardous, and so can extremely low or high temperatures.  On such days, a trip to the gym or a shopping mall may be a suitable alternative to the great outdoors. However, if the weather is reasonable, dress in layers on cold days, and choose a hat and some gloves that are fun, warm and comfortable.  Remember, when walking in daylight, sun protection is necessary, year round.

5.    Stretch 

After your warm-up and cool-down, perform some light stretches to keep your muscles limber.

6.    Frequency

Try to walk at least every other day to begin with, and then once you build up strength, walking everyday is fine because it is a low intensity activity.

7.    Duration

Add time to your walks as you get stronger, but never increase the duration of your walks by more than 10% per week, to avoid injury.

8.    Hills

As you build strength, gradually adding a hilly route to your routine can help increase your strength and tone your muscles.  

9.    Goals

Keep track of your progress with a log and set yourself goals and rewards.  Sample goals could be completing a certain number of walks, increasing frequency or duration, or achieving weight loss.  When your goals are achieved, reward yourself with something like new walking clothes, shoes or accessories.

10.    Support your system


Forever Living Products offers a number of products that can help support your walking regimen.  Aloe2Go™ for a great-tasting energy boost you need before or after a walk.  Forever Freedom2Go™ for great health benefits and great taste of antioxidant-rich Pomegranate juice in a convenient pouch you can carry on your walks.  Forever Garcinia Plus®, taken in conjunction with your new training routine can help aid your weight loss.  Forever Fast Break® energy bars provide fuel to go, full of important and replenishing vitamins like A, C, E and B, and minerals like Potassium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Chromium. Forever Fast Break® energy bars can give you quick nutrition when you need it most.


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