A Guide to Healthy Living for Busy People on a Budget

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle include a healthier mind and body and increased energy throughout the day. It also saves money as you are less likely to experience chronic health issues. Perhaps you've wanted to eat right and exercise, but just don't think you have the extra time or funds to make it happen. The good news is even you can get started with these helpful recommendations.

Focus on Eating Natural Food
Healthy eating is about avoiding highly processed meals and choosing natural food instead. It's as simple as eating an apple instead of an apple fritter or picking a baked potato with a touch of butter over french fries. Base your meals on:

• Fruit and vegetables
• Beans
• Nuts and seeds
• Whole grains
• Dairy products of milk, cheese, and yogurt

Combine these with lean protein sources of fish, chicken, turkey, and eggs. Cook your meals in olive or avocado oil. Making the simple switch to consuming natural foods saves you money at the grocery store since convenience foods traditionally cost more.

Take Supplements
Taking supplements can have an array of positive health benefits. Supplements contain ingredients in high potency that help support a healthy diet and lifestyle, from providing essential vitamins and minerals to supporting digestive health. They also offer an easy way to boost intake of important nutrients for your age and activity levels if you don’t get enough through regular meals. The DX4™Body Balancing System contains a combination of supplements that will remove toxins, boost your energy and metabolism, and prevent cravings.

Find Good Health Insurance
Navigating the world of health insurance can be overwhelming and confusing, but taking the time to find a good insurance policy that works for you is well worth it. Doing your research to compare coverage and out-of-pocket costs among providers, as well as determining what type of plan best suits your needs, will help you select the best health insurance policy for your individual circumstances. If you’re self-employed, you could get on your spouse’s policy or find a plan through the Freelancers Union or ACA.

Prepare Meals in Advance
With some planning, make your own version of healthy convenience foods to grab and eat on your busier weekdays. This simple action helps you control the ingredients and saves you money over a restaurant meal. The best way to fit this into your busy schedule is to take an afternoon for meal preparation and freeze individual portions to eat during the week. Find helpful websites to assist you with meal plans and grocery shopping lists to save even more time.

Skip the Sugary Drinks
One of the most overlooked activities of a healthy lifestyle is hydrating your body sufficiently. Skip the expensive sugary drinks and focus on drinking water, tea, and fruit juice during the day. Coffee works, too, as long as you put a limit on how much sugar or cream you add to the cup.

Squeeze Physical Activity
If you spend your day working behind a desk for long hours, you can still find ways to sneak in some exercise. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk a longer route to get to a meeting room. If you work from home and live in a pedestrian-friendly area, use a portion of your lunch break to take a brisk walk. If you're on a long call, stand up and do a few squats or calf raises. Keep a pair of hand weights at your desk and do a few bicep curls, overhead presses, or lateral raises whenever you have a few extra minutes.

Find a Convenient Exercise Routine
Fitness experts recommend you get 30 minutes of exercise five times a week with a couple of rounds of strength training too. The good news is all those bursts of activity you've added to your workday count towards your exercise minutes. There is no need to pay for an expensive gym membership to burn those calories. Instead, do a convenient exercise you love, such as dancing, running, swimming, tennis, pickleball, or a round of basketball in the park with a few pals.

Whether you’re finding the right health insurance or improving your diet, following this guide helps you pick up healthy lifestyle habits that work with your budget and time constraints. The health benefits you enjoy as a result are worth the time and effort spent taking better care of yourself.

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